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Stasera Offro Io is is a web-based platform also accessible from smartphones, created and managed by Associazione Banco Alimentare Roma ODV which facilitates the match between supply and demand of food surplus through the direct involvement and benefit of the people in need.

Stasera Offro Io allows the recovery of surplus food, the food daily left unsold at small food business operators within the territory (bakeries, restaurants, butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, and so on) that can be booked and collected by the most deprived people themselves: enabled by the charities that provide them with the food assistance they need, the final beneficiaries are actively and directly involved in the recovery of food surplus.

From this point of view, Stasera Offro Io represents a real paradigm shift in the solidarity chain: an inclusive assistance that mobilizes the deprived people themselves in the fight against food waste making them actors of their own exit from the condition of poverty . Thus, people in a state of deprivation, by simple "assisted people" become "Guests", invited for lunch or dinner, by Donors who, thanks to Stasera Offro Io, make the unsold food available for this noble purpose.

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